Creating the new myUTOPIA was possibly the best creative project I worked on. It was amazing to take everything that didn’t work before or that was a struggle and make it better.

The question that I get asked most often is why are there no mirrors in front of the class?

One of the things I love the most about our new space is that we are set slightly apart from the city but close enough to know you’re still in it. Both our studios have these amazing portholes where you can either see the harbour or the city. The urban landscape of a working harbor has a real raw quality to it which is a complete picture in itself. I wanted to capture that with the raw industrial face brick and then just machinery, colours and equipment. In summer months we have been lucky enough to see incredible sunrises and even dolphins coming to play in the bay. That moment in time when you can just escape.

The big thing is that mirrors create a visual distraction if you’re an A-type personality it brings with it an opportunity for competitiveness and self-criticism. Yoga is neither. Mirrors can cause you to doubt whether you’re doing it correctly and you can spend the duration of the class comparing yourself to others. Some clients feel that they can’t see their alignment but that is why we have such amazing teachers whose sole purpose is to ensure that your alignment is correct. They teach and part of that process is to always guide you through the journey. They are your mirrors. If they weren’t doing this they would be teaching you to just do. I know form is always their priority.

The biggest benefit for me is so that I can get out of my head and into my body and let go of all negative self-belief. Since we don’t have mirrors in the front of the class my practice has only got better because I’m in the here and now and focusing on the breath, movement and living in the now.

I no longer focus on that bulge that has mysteriously appeared after a weekend of indulgence, my top that mysteriously shrunk in the wash (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), my hair that is unruly and wild. I also can’t see who can do the perfect dancers pose or those magnificent headstands while I’m still just finding dolphin pose in the process. My entire focus centres on the teacher and the practice. A rare moment in time for the day for all of to switch off, let go and just do this for ourselves. By not seeing give us a real opportunity to feel.

I would love to know what your experience has been and encourage you to share your thoughts and experience with me.

As always thank you for being part of our community I have so much love for all of you and the incredible energy you all bring to the class and the absolute privilege of sharing your moment in time with us.

Till next time, much love and light always