Image courtesy of Rachel Kolisi – Source: Instagram @Rachel_Kolisi

As I write this, we are a month away from Christmas. I can’t believe how this year has flown by. The season means different things for different people. A time for giving, a time of family, friends and that last push to complete those things you so badly wanted to achieve. I have a month to fit into a ski jacket that appears to be around 2 sizes to small so my last goal before the end of the year, is to fit into it. With PK, Gabi and Carmen on speed dial I think I may have a chance.

November has seen such a wave of energy and euphoria hit our country fresh from our world cup win. We are so honoured that both Siya and Rachel Kolisi are part of our community and the support that they have given myUTOPIA has just been incredible. We are so proud of them both and I have learnt so much from both of them throughout this journey. 3 hours before the final world cup game, our very own Candi from Eunoia (and who hands down gives the best massages), sent Siya a message to wish him luck for his final game. He responded to thank her for her message and thank her for the massages that helped him prepare. That message made me feel so emotional that a man that was about to lead his team and in turn his country to victory made the time to thank her for the message. That is a true leader, no ego, no pedestal just genuine humility and awareness. So often we get so caught up in life and ourselves that we don’t respond to a message, or an email or just take the time to just say thank you. Rachel cleared her diary, travelled to another side of the world on an economy flight, often just sharing a single bed with her two children but always to support her husband, the father of her children and attend every single game with unwavering loyalty as a team supporter, a wife, a mother and a best friend. That’s love and commitment. We have much to learn from this story. No matter how hard or long the journey is we need to keep our focus, determination and the eye on the goal and believe that we can do it. With the support of family, friends and community we can achieve anything. This is why our community is so important to me and my commitment to each of you. It is so vital that everybody finds their happy place, a place where you feel safe, supported, loved and part of the family. No matter what the end goal is that there is a place for you to feel like you’re home. Beautifully described by the word Ubuntu, it is a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity.” It is often translated as “I am because we are.” Let’s keep the spirit of Ubuntu going and support each other over the finish line of 2019 and into a more unified 2020.

There is one more day and a few more spaces left of our upcoming workshop and joint collaboration with Credo. This is such a worthwhile investment in not only giving you coping mechanisms to climb the last hurdles of the year but to also achieve a really positive framework for you to go into 2020. It’s a jam-packed two days with so much practical guidance, insights, activities and a fascinating detailed Neurozone report giving you insight into your emotional, physical and social wellbeing. With the report, content and practical elements of this workshop, you will learn how to prevent burnout, build resilience and unlock strategies for personal high performance. A truly worthwhile gift to give something back to you.

We have loved our “Finding Me” challenge and look forward to the movement that will become. We have a great new programme in store for you for the new year, new ways to give to yourself, to achieve your goals and always with our support.

So as we approach the end and all that comes with it. Remember life is all about balance so as we nock back all those lovely Festive season cocktails, home-cooked meals and canapes galore let’s remember to keep moving, keep burning and join us to sweat it all out if only to make space for the next wave. After all, it is the season to be jolly.

Much love and light till next time.