Our hearts and prayers go out to our entire community. We are all having to adapt to this new way of life. We are deeply aware that life as we know it will never be the same again. At the start of lockdown, we really wanted to contribute to our world and what was happening. Free classes felt great, and it was our way of contributing to the greater good. Our approach was to ensure that people added movement to their lives and that it assembled some form of routine. With the extension of the lockdown and the fact that we are confident that facilities like ours will only be able to reopen around Stage 2, we have had to adapt our strategy. We need to ensure that our teachers and instructors can earn a living during this time. This is their survival. We also require our staff who are unable to work during this period are supported, and we ensure that their welfare is our priority. With this in mind, we have had to adapt to paid online classes. The good news is that this allows us to give you more variety, more goodness and a greater community. We are taking this in our stride and dealing with it in the most positive way we know-how.

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