As I write this title to our latest blog my immediate thought is “Girl if this is your purpose, why have you not got it right?”.

It is probably one of the things we all struggle with making time for every part of our life that needs attention.  We are mothers, we are sisters, we are daughters, we are friends and within this struggle to be everything to everybody we neglect “me”.  I’m at the “empty nesting” stage now which means I no longer do school runs, I don’t have to play taxi and after raising a house full of kids you would think I would have endless time on my hands but we just somehow fill it with other stuff.

I created myUTOPIA because my biggest passion was for people to find balance, maximize their time available and fit as much as they want to in the possible time available that they have.  I have a serious “A type” personality so for me I would get organized the night before. I would pack my bag, get my stuff together but I promise you if anybody needed me the first thing, I would sacrifice was my class.  In fact, more often than not I still do that. The next day we have a gap in our day but now we don’t have a bag, we don’t have our mat, towels and the rest of things we so loving curated the day before.

At myUTOPIA we try to make it easy for you so that you don’t have to pack a bag, you don’t have to lug a mat around, and you don’t have to bring a toiletry bag.  We ensure that the bathrooms are stocked with the products you would have in your bathroom at home. This is your place of escape. Your happy place.

When we did Rachel’s video, I listened to her with tears in my eyes and a massive lump in my throat because as she was telling us why she loved myUTOPIA, I went “Yes” that is why I did this and you’ve got this girl!  Sometimes as an entrepreneur you get so sidetracked on other things that you forget your “Why” and your core purpose. The beautiful person that Rachel is was such a reminder for me and is what keeps me inspired.

Our community have loved the 25-day challenge and there is something about a star chart that really gets people going.  So, let’s not stop challenging. For November I’m going to create a challenge for all of you to do 3 things a week for yourself at myUTOPIA.  Be it a class, having a massage, a facial, your hair blow-dried, ozone or just lunch with someone or yourself. I’m challenging you before the silly season starts and you’re pulled into all the directions that Christmas brings make time for yourself, find time for balance and mostly look after yourself.  Without you refilling your tank, refueling and replenishing your body and your mind, you will have nothing to give to anybody else. Let’s avoid burn out, let’s encourage each other to take care of ourselves and let’s start breaking the cycle of constant neglect.

To you and yours have a beautiful week and keep going.  You guys are halfway there, and I cannot wait to celebrate your success at our end of challenge party.  I know that our entire team do massive high fives each time you get a star and we’re rooting for you all the way.

 With much love and light always.