Our Classes

More than just getting a workout the classes at myUTOPIA are designed to be an experience. Anyone who knows how important a fitness routine is, but who’s life is pressurized (career, work-life, social life, family life) that they keep “skipping out” on themselves. They seek balance but it’s an internal battle to achieve – especially in gyms (which provoke feelings of anxiety), yoga studios (feelings of inadequacy) and pilates studios (feelings of inferiority). We won’t make you choose. We offer a buffet of options and a wide variety of fitness-based classes, pilates, heated and non-heated yoga and Bikram classes in our specially designed and pristine spaces in Cape Town.


+ 27 21 202 2271

WhatsApp: +27 79 959 4491

1 st Floor, The Cruise Terminal, Dock Road
South Arm Side, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa, 8002