About Us

We strongly believe in bringing community and heart to our members. We are surrounded by world-class teachers and instructers who guide and teach inspriational, meditative, restorative classes that are curated to benefit you. We are deeply committed to changing lives and serving our community. We want to be the place where you seek refuge, where we can come together and celebrate successes, laugh and cry and ensure that you always leave transformed. We are your home. Your Journey Starts Here.

Founded and created by Sandi Dekker in 2016, myUTOPIA has become a place where people can find time for themselves. With a clear vision of the importance of a wellness/fitness routine and trying to balance that with the pressures of career, work, family and life the intention was to create a place so that people can stop “skipping out” on themselves.

We understand the pursuit of trying to find balance and the internal battle to achieve this. We know the feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and inferiority. We know the constant struggle to live up to everyone’s expectations, to be all things to all people and the strong (generally unfulfilled) desire that you have to “Be Me and Act Me”. The burning desire to live a life where you are the best version of yourself. Our entire purpose is to watch you recreate and make connections with people who are genuinely rooting for your wellbeing.

We want the best retreats from your busy life to be the ones you don’t have to work too hard to organise. They are simple, personal and intuitive, fitting seamlessly into your life. A weightless journey.


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